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About Us

RhinoPro™ Cartridge System


RhinoPro CS mission is to develop top-quality proprietary, high performance polymers based on polyurethane, polyurea, and epoxy formulations.

Rhino takes pride in developing protective coatings products that time and again dominate the spray on lining market for industrial, commercial, and retail applications.


The RhinoPro™ Cartridge System is a dual component pneumatic applicator specially designed for applying the high quality Rhino® protective coatings packaged in disposable cartridges.

It allows you to apply a variety of 100% solid, fast set materials that set in seconds and can be used in a number of coating projects. The RhinoPro™ cartridge system connects to your standard air compressor and requires no electricity.




The RhinoPro™ cartridge system is a professional grade spray system designed to deliver top quality performance and a beautiful finish with an easy, do-it-yourself application.

  • Genuine RhinoPro CS protection
  • Low Cost Start-up
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Will not Warp, Crack or Peel
  • Dry to the Touch in Seconds
  • Easily Mobile
  • Low Cost Replacement Parts
  • Low/No Maintenance & Cleanup